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Rose & Thorn

An iconic restaurant with a modern, swanky bar.

Rose & Thorn, the newest concept from Mainspring, LLC, is an upscale dining establishment set to open in Spring, 2017 inside the new $500MM Ilani Casino Resort, located just north of Portland, Oregon.

Rose & Thorn caters to the discerning guest with a balance of elegance and modern creativity. The restaurant embraces unique ‘experiential’ dining. Six ‘al pastor’ spindles are incorporated into one end of the main bar where hand-carved-to-order meats sizzle over open flame. The other end of the bar features a stylish dessert finishing station boasting imaginative, miniature delicacies. Patrons will dine on steam-kettle-roasted seafood fresh from the waters of the Pacific Northwest, as well as other fine dishes incorporating locally grown, caught and crafted ingredients.

A focus of Rose & Thorn is its modern, swanky bar, featuring an unparalleled selection of bourbons and fine spirits, ensconced in timeless décor. Aging, distilled spirits in authentic wooden casks prominently await their time with talented bartenders to concoct signature cocktails infused with local botanicals and fresh ingredients. The bar also features 24 beers on draft, including many popular local and craft brews.

From delectable small plates to farm-to-fork entrèes, innovative desserts and handmade craft cocktails, Rose & Thorn is sure to delight and impress even the most discerning diners.


  • Both Rose & Thorn and Longhouse Restaurants at the Ilani Casino & Resort are now open!